“How Working with a Health Coach Can Help You Fight Chronic Disease”

That is a great headline recently published by Chris Kresser, and I couldn’t agree more.

There are many facets involved in Chronic Disease, and the current model is not working. However, the reason it is not working is multifactorial and unique to the patient in many cases. The current system has all kinds of “standard of care” flow charts to guide clinicians through instructing the patient on “managing” their condition. Guess what? People are often managed effectively, but the condition remains chronic.

The article describes many common contributors to chronic conditions such as healthy body weight and getting good sleep. With these two areas alone, there are seemingly countless variables that contribute to a person’s success in achieving results. Having studied my sleep over the past year with an Oura ring (highly recommended), I can tell there isn’t a magic bullet to getting great shuteye. However, through persistent focus, research, and experimentation, excellent sleep has become the norm. Weight loss is along the same vein. So many variables exist, and a person can be doing great in 4 things and missing on a 5th, and with some strategy and guidance, once that 5th is added, the weight comes off.

A standard of care does not exist that can deal with our country’s chronic disease calamity. However, as described in the article and in our testimonials and success stories, a partnership that analyzes variables unique to the client and implements a plan that is workable with measurable benchmarks, is showing now to be an approach that has much to offer. This is what our service is all about.


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