Before I signed up 6 months ago with , Prescriptive Optimization, I agonized over my health symptoms .I felt absolutely miserable-physically and mentally. I literally couldn’t move, I was so exhausted , my joints hurt, I had aches and pains, no sex drive , constantly sick , couldn’t sleep, was gaining weight, my hair was falling out, my face was breaking out, I was loosing elasticity of my skin, I wasn’t able to think clearly, was incredibly forgetful, which then caused irritability and depressing – I didn’t like myself and wasn’t able to enjoy life.
During that time , I was prescribed sleeping pills, synthetic hormone replacement, klonopin for anxiety ,high doses of antidepressants and ADHD meds , but nothing was helping and in fact I felt even worse- I just continued to spiral downward.
I felt like no one cared , I wasn’t being heard, or that some how I was imagining my symptoms. I would get routine blood work done and I would fall between the “normal” guidelines.
However, that’s not the case any longer.
Thanks to Pharmacist, Aaron Syring of Prescriptive Optimization , I feel AMAZING!!!!
I haven’t felt this good in years. I have energy, I laugh, people comment that I look younger, I now have new hair growth, weight loss, I am clear minded, interested in sex again, I can remember things. I am finally completely projects that I have wanted to do for years. I tell ya, what a difference!!
Less than 6 months ago, I thought life was just about getting through it, but now it’s back to loving life again.
The service has made the difference between living to get through to living life with joy. Aaron Syring was diligent until he found what worked for me. My questions and concerns were answered quickly and efficiently. My health wasn’t put into a “one size fits all” box. I would also be contacted regularly to see how I was feeling- how wonderful is that?!
When something wasn’t working just right, he would work until he found a perfect solution for me-as a individual, not “in the range” of others on a scale. I have never had someone in the medical field range care this much about making me sure I was doing great. This program isn’t mediocre or like any other one out there. It’s not a fake person on the other end asking you to press 1 for this and press 2 for that. You don’t fit into a box so why should your health?
It’s all about YOU. YOU as a individual.
Aaron Syring truly cares about helping make people feel good and living their best life. He is on to something that is changing peoples lives for the better.
BEFORE -a basketful of prescribed medications.
NOW- I take supplements , biodenticals for hormone replacement therapy, a natural thyroid( blood results said I was in normal range, but I actually needed a little help with my thyroid), I no longer need sleeping pills, or anxiety pills and am on the lower dosage of only two medications compared to a basketful before hand.
I cannot put into words how this how changed my life-for the better!
Living, loving life again,
Donna Jones Oak Harbor, Wa


Personalized Care


My Cancer Testimonial

I would very much like to recommend Dr Aaron Syring at Island Drug.  He guided me through the necessary lifestyle changes required to survive the re occurrence of cancer.  My cancer was not cured by the standard of care chemotherapy.  Not knowing what to do or where to turn, together we found a better way.  I sought his help in taking a new integrated medical approach.  He took it on himself to consult with world renowned experts in the field and together they formulated a plan that has guided me into remission. If it weren’t for the success I found through his health coaching I would not be here  and for that I’m eternally grateful.  I highly recommend consulting with Dr. Syring as he is a wealth of health information.  His expertise on many medical issues could make a difference for you too.

Anita Johnson of Oak Harbor WA.

My Cancer Testimonial

“Aaron Syring has changed my life. I have lost 21lbs in 26 days (including my love handles!) due to the healthy eating plan (that I enjoy!) and consistant coaching from Aaron. Aaron’s knowledge and research is very extensive and he uses it for practical daily helps. I travel a lot for work and thought this to be impossible to sustain but he has helped me break it down to manageable goals. He has been a continual source of encouragement, wisdom, and knowledge that has empowered me to press through the roadblocks that a life change like this can bring.”  – Sean Taylor

21 pounds lost in 26 days

I had a mild stroke in 2009 which resulted in two stents inserted into major arteries along my heart.  As a result, I was prescribed statins to keep my cholesterol numbers down.  After several years, the statins were causing me bodily pain, particularly in my legs.  At some point, I decided I could no longer stand the pain and sought relief.  My Naval doctors told me they had no other options to manage coronary artery disease.  

I asked if I could experiment with diet and exercise for six months.  They concurred.  I sought the health guidance of Dr Aaron Syring, and he recommended using the Bulletproof program – diet and supplements.  He coached me throughout the six month trial period, advising me on what and when to eat and drink.
Dr Syring was very insightful explaining exactly how certain foods and drinks were bad for the body and which others were good and why.  Knowing how the body works is a very useful motivator, and Dr Syring is the best at doing just this.
After six months, my cholesterol levels were better than they were using the statins.  I owe a lot to Dr Syring to getting me on the path to healthy eating and longer living!”

Off of Statins!