Here are the particulars of the Prescriptive Optimization service (Health Coaching to reach your full Human Potential):

  • 1 hour in person or zoom/skype call per month (or more frequently if desired). 90-minute initial visit
  • Full client report will be provided after for reference
  • Ongoing digital correspondence, check-ins, correspondence with other providers (doctors, etc)
    • INCLUDED in rates above.
  • 15% rebate earned on non-prescription and non-insurance involved purchases at Island Drug while monthly subscription active (must associate your name at register during checkout for tracking).

General Areas Covered:

  • Diet/Lifestyle
  • Weight Loss
  • Supplements
  • Chronic Disease Strategies (Cancer, Diabetes, etc)
  • Prescription regimen
  • Environmental Health
  • Genetic Testing and Interpretation
  • Mindfulness/stress reduction/meditation
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Lab Test Interpretation for optimal performance (not just “normal”)
  • Support in goal achievement
  • Unlimited email support between visits.
  • Advocacy for your path in the health care system


In addition to obtaining my Doctor of Pharmacy from Washington State University (Go Cougs!) in 2002, I have recently completed a certification in Human Potential Coaching.  This course, please click here to learn more, was developed by Bulletproof founder Dave Asprey. Here is an audio clip of him discussing the program:

In addition to this formalized training, I have spent a substantial amount of time dedicating myself to reading the current information available on all things health. My Kindle library shows well over 150 books, most ready in the last two years. In addition, I monitor the leading researchers daily for new information to stay on top of the trends, my Evernote saved articles are well over 1000 (these are just the ones I thought might be useful to reference later!).

Perhaps the best credentials would be the testimonials and success stories documented on this page. This is where the rubber meets the road – reading and learning is one thing, leveraging that information to produce results is quite another. The coach training also helped in this regard, as it helps develop the ability to implement behavior changes in a reliable way.