MTHFR and Folic Acid

MTHFR and folic acid is an example of how a simple test can help us determine where your starting point is with certain items.

From Dr. Ben Lynch:


MTHFR variants can impact around half the population.

Have you ever read on the side of a pacakge something like enriched flour?bread

The government requires enriching grain products:

Accordingly, as proposed, the agency
is requiring the addition of folic acid to
enriched cereal grain products at a
fortification level of 140 µg/100 g. FDA
concludes that 140 µg/100 g is the
maximum level of fortification of
enriched cereal-grain products that
would be safe for all groups.

Even though they say it is “safe for all groups” wouldn’t you like to know if you had an MTHFR or other variant that made it more difficult to clear folic acid?  How many multivitamin products have folic acid?  Learning this information (combined with MTHFR statuses), we made sure our family had nothing with folic acid in it, including multivitamins.  There is natural forms of folate supplement available, or better yet…green vegetables!

A simple test can be done and that, along with other information can help figure out where you are.  We can help.


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