Off of Statins!

I had a mild stroke in 2009 which resulted in two stents inserted into major arteries along my heart.  As a result, I was prescribed statins to keep my cholesterol numbers down.  After several years, the statins were causing me bodily pain, particularly in my legs.  At some point, I decided I could no longer stand the pain and sought relief.  My Naval doctors told me they had no other options to manage coronary artery disease.  

I asked if I could experiment with diet and exercise for six months.  They concurred.  I sought the health guidance of Dr Aaron Syring, and he recommended using the Bulletproof program – diet and supplements.  He coached me throughout the six month trial period, advising me on what and when to eat and drink.
Dr Syring was very insightful explaining exactly how certain foods and drinks were bad for the body and which others were good and why.  Knowing how the body works is a very useful motivator, and Dr Syring is the best at doing just this.
After six months, my cholesterol levels were better than they were using the statins.  I owe a lot to Dr Syring to getting me on the path to healthy eating and longer living!”