Easy Way To Slow Aging

We all possess an easy way to influence the speed at which we age – and the good news is it isn’t hard to implement.

Ageing is the most important risk factor for the majority of human pathologies. We propose the concept that the advancement of the hallmarks of ageing is dictated by several distinct biological clocks that can be decelerated by the induction of autophagy. This ‘time dilation’ delays the time-dependent manifestation of multiple diseases.

Decelerating ageing and biological clocks by autophagy
Carlos Lopez-Otín & Guido Kroemer
Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology (2019)


The part I bolded in the above quote references autophagy – a cellular recycling program. We all have the ability, at the cellular level, to refresh and repair. Just like we see externally on our bodies, wear and tear occurs in our cells and their structures. When autophagy is underway, sub functioning cells get dismantled and used for parts to make new cells.

It makes perfect sense that if autophagy refreshes our cellular population we could slow aging processes since new cells are better than old cells. So how do we activate the free process?

Anabolic vs Catabolic

We typically associate anabolic with steroids and body builders. This is a helpful way to remember that anabolic is the body’s growth mode. Catabolic is its opposite – repair and recovery mode. Autophagy occurs during the catabolic state – one most American’s avoid almost entirely.

How to activate autophagy

We trigger the anabolic state via energy intake – most specifically proteins and carbohydrates. Energy deficits trigger the catabolic state – energy demands exceeding intake. Calorie restriction and fasting are therefore our free ticket to allowing autophagy to proceed.

The challenge is that as a population,we are typically fed from the moment we wake up to the right before bed. The sleeping window is not enough time to realize the age slowing benefits of autophagy. We must adopt tactics to expand time in the catabolic state.

Fortunately, I just finished a 30+ page whitepaper on how do to just that. It includes the science behind this whole concept as well as a variety of strategies and enhancements to make fasting windows shorter while still benefiting. I have been using this information routinely and definitely notice the benefits of doing so. Please have a look – after all, its free!


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