Sunscreen Chemicals Accumulate Systemically

There is a better way. The news on sunscreen ingredients being distributed in our bloodstream is alarming – for excellent reasons.

A recent study in JAMA showing this occurrence [note]https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/article-abstract/2733085[/note]is going viral as mainstream news outlets such as the New York [note]https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/10/upshot/how-safe-is-sunscreen.html[/note]Times publishes articles. The good news is I happen to be drafting my approach to leveraging the benefits of sun exposure when this broke.

What the study demonstrated

The chemical ingredients in sunscreens, when used as directed, accumulated in blood samples – and continued to persist after cessation.

Why This Matters

The FDA has a limit of 0.5 ng/mL that permits companies to assume no harm if topical ingredients work their way to the bloodstream below that level. This is the rule sunscreen chemicals have been operating under. Well, look at where 0.5 appears in relation to the levels detected above – SIGNIFICANTLY above for extended periods of time. They all persist past 100 hours, WOW!

We know many sunscreen ingredients to be estrogenic. Not sure about you, but I am not looking to increase my estrogen soon.

A Better Way

The sun is beneficial. Vitamin D, yep. But, the benefits go well beyond one vitamin (or really a hormone by action). Circadian rhythm is critical for overall health, and sunlight helps strengthen our rhythm. Sunlight can lower blood pressure by a couple different mechanisms.

But what about cancer? Good question. Turns out while sun damage can certain be contributory, it turns out regular sun exposure actually lowers skin cancer risks. Here is just one study I used in my paper:

The risk factor for melanoma appears to be intermittent sunshine and sunburn, especially when you’re young, says Weller. “But there’s evidence that long-term sun exposure associates with less melanoma.”


Here is the table of contents in my paper, take a look at how many benefits are discussed – 20 pages worth!

Leveraging The Benefits

I am working from my laptop in the sun as I type as part of my strategy to increase sun exposure. No sunscreen, but I look for ways to naturally enhance the positive benefits and support natural defenses the body posses to protect against damage. These strategies have culminated in offering the new Sun Maximize Cream described in the paper. I have been testing this product with the nicer weather and the results have been superb. I waited one day until developing red skin – one application and the redness started to dissipate. I have not used sunscreen in years but used the ingredients in the cream orally to help protect from sun damage. So, the next logical step was to take out the hassle of swallowing pills. To me, the idea of using products I took orally in a cream seemed superior to using harmful chemicals that have been shown to penetrate in teh blood stream without sufficient studies demonstrating any safety.

As you can see, there are nearly 40 pages of context to this strategy – too much to cram into a blog post. Please make step one after hearing about the dangerous accumulations of sunscreen be learning more about how to leverage the benefits of sun while supporting natural defense mechanisms. Please reach out for a free consultation if I can be of further assistance.

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