Estrogen Makes a Mad Prostate

No, this is not a relationship column.

Most people assume estrogen has little role in male physiology. In normal balance, testosterone does rightly overshadow estrogen. However, that isn’t always the case over time, which is where problems start.

Ideal Male Hormone Balance

This may seem obvious, but I find it necessary to state. The 25-year-old does not have prostate problems. During that time, the androgens (testosterone and progesterone) are much higher than estrogens.

Aging Male Hormone Balance

As we age, testosterone and progesterone typically fall. But estrogen tends to remain the same or even rise in some people. For example, abdominal fat can play an active role in converting testosterone into estrogen. Not helpful!

Estrogen Dominance Leads To Prostate Problems

This is documented in much more detail in my whitepaper on prostate health (you can download for free here). Here is just one quote from that paper:

Prostate cancer occurs because testosterone and progesterone levels fall with age and estradiol levels rise, leading to estrogen dominance in older men.

John R. Lee MD, Hormone Balance for Men: What your doctor may not tell you about prostate health and natural hormone supplementation., loc. 172

Estrogen Precipitates Prostatitis

The point of this post was to add to the discussion an article I saw that helped illustrate the point that estrogen in higher levels makes the prostate mad.

Inflammation of the prostate can be induced experimentally in rats by the subcutaneous administration of estrogen.

Yonsei Medical Journal, Vol.42(4) : 395-404, 2001 1



As the whitepaper documents, there are a number of actions that can benefit prostate health. Diet, hormone balancing, sleep improvment, and much more. All are good.

New Treatment Option

Below is an excerpt from a recent email update to Island Drug customers: 
3 New Products | Excellent Reported Outcomes


Prostate Health – Reducing Nighttime Urination

Current data implies if you are a man and live long enough, prostate pathologies will be something you experience. These span from enlarged prostate (BPH) to full-blown prostate cancer. Symptoms often begin with increasing nighttime urinationsThree, four, five times a night is not uncommonly reported . With this new product, clioquinol (a zinc ionophore), we have seen nighttime urinations drop from these high levels to 1 or zero IN DAYS. Here are a few quotes from people who emailed feedback:

  • Patient #1. “As for me that cream seems to be showing good results. I am down to a normal one urination per nite and my PSA was stable “
  • Patient #2. “All is well but it is time to renew my prescription for clioquinol rx# “
  • Patient #3. “PS: That Clioquinol is amazing! First day, woke up once only and last night, nada. Thank you so much for the info and the script.”

Not only are the nighttime interruptions inconvenient but the sleep disruptions precipitated are harmful over time as well.We have a detailed whitepaper on prostate health that includes the scientific backing on clioquinol and a host of other measures to improve prostate health.

Parting Thought

Prostate health is a perfect example of where preventative health care is going. They design the current standard of care to manage symptoms, detect changes and monitor until the situation is bad enough to warrant intervention – drugs and/or surgery (medical term = active surveillance).

While I am not advocating any deviance from the recommendations of checkups and monitoring (KEEP GETTING THE RECOMMENDED PSA AND EXAMS), I absolutely believe the time for action is BEFORE things get worse. Above, the implication reported is that most men will develop a prostate pathology if they live long enough. If you have developed BPH and are getting up multiple times per night, is now a good time? If you haven’t developed symptoms, is now a good time? If you have prostate cancer, is now a good time to add to the treatment arsenal?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, please reach out for a FREE Consultation.

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