ARTICLE: “Brain Inflammation Ignites a Neuron-Killing “Forest Fire””

Ominous headline – here it is in full: For Alzheimer’s Sufferers, Brain Inflammation Ignites a Neuron-Killing “Forest Fire”1

It is an appropriate analogy.

“The accumulating evidence that inflammation is a driver of this disease is enormous,” says Paul Morgan, a professor of immunology and a member of the Systems Immunity Research Institute at Cardiff University in Wales. “It makes very good biological sense.”

The article goes on to explore some possible contributors to brain inflammation, including dental infections and genetics. These are very common causes.

There are more, and are detailed in a white paper on the inflamed brain I put together. Please have a read to get a broader explanation. Other factors in developing include diet (junk oils and high blood sugar), poor gut health, and toxins (mold, heavy metals).

Don’t be asleep at the wheel

The reason I put together the whitepaper mentioned above, is that this fire described in the title start very small – almost unnoticeable. Signs are subtle, but grow over time if the source of inflammation is identified.

Brain fog, depression, anxiety, mental exhaustion, and the like are all signs the brain is underperforming. It is further highly likely that inflammation is involved.

The time to take action is precisely at the point when you notice symptoms such as these.

Taking Action

Action is not to be interpreted with simply adding a prescription such as Prozac. That may have a place in the plan, but environmental and lifestyle interventions must be the focus.

Far too few numbers of people understand that we have immense capability to change the course of brain inflammation.

Diet, supplements, and improvements in areas such as sleep can have profound contributions.

Where to start

The strategy, and basis for it, requires a deeper format than a blog post, please start with the whitepaper. It has 20+ pages worth of background and diet/supplement interventions.

In the whitepaper is also a new custom made formulation combining a ginseng derivative with a B vitamin precursor. It is used in specialty clinics and application to reverse the course of advanced brain inflammation cases (mold/Lyme disease/etc). We have seen fantastic early results with our patients – improved work performance, improved busy mom performance, and improved sleep. To witness this has been exciting, again, please have a read of the whitepaper and then contact us for more info.

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