Aluminum as a Vaccine Adjuvant

One blog post cannot solve the vaccine debate, but the hope here is to set a framework for understanding the issue a bit better.

What is an adjuvant?  Let’s turn to the CDC:

Aluminum gels or salts of aluminum which are added as adjuvants to help the vaccine stimulate a better response. Adjuvants help promote an earlier, more potent response, and more persistent immune response to the vaccine.

In understandable language, it helps to escalate the priority of the vaccine for the immune system. So, where there is smoke we assume there is a fire, the aluminum is the fire alarm and the 911 system calling all resources.

This certainly helps make the immune system more antibodies in response to the vaccine. That’s the good.  Is there a downside? I think so.

I have read that there is no biological process that involves aluminum:

It’s not as though it’s not known that aluminum is toxic to health. No known biological system makes use of aluminum for any purpose. People with end-stage kidney disease suffer from severe dementia after sufficient accumulation of aluminum in their brain, accidentally supplied to their blood stream from aluminum-containing water in the dialysis fluids.11 If you ingest aluminum, only a quarter of a percent of it actually gets through the lining of the gut. But if you inject it in a vaccine, 100% gets past all the barriers.
Stephanie Seneff PhD, Cindy & Erica’s Obsession to Solve Today’s Health Care Crisis: Autism, Alzheimer’s Disease, Cardiovascular Disease, ALS and More, pg. 51, loc. 1133

So it is a foreign substance, what then does it do when it gets in? From Group 13 Chemistry II: Biological Aspects of Aluminum page 105

Adenosine 5′-triphosphate (ATP) is a well recognized molecule of
importance as the major carrier of chemical energy in the cells. It is
major extracellular signaling molecule all over the body. ATP is a nucleotide
formed by an adenine, a ribose, and a triphosphate unit and exists in the
cell as a complex with Mg?+ [26]. Aluminum can replace magnesium in
many biological processes by forming a more stable complex with ATP than
Mg2+ can form. At a cellular level, high aluminum concentrations suppress
the phosphorylation, resulting in a reduction of blood adenosine triphos
phate/adenosine diphosphate (ATP/ADP) ratio and the level of ATP. A large
number of proteins requires ATP as substrates or is regulated by it. So, it is
important to study the interaction among the elements that can interfere in
the equilibrium with these nucleotide [27).

Well, no big deal right? Aluminum can jump in and replace Magnesium in ATP of all things. ATP is, of course, the predominant energy currency in the body. That’s not all:

The research in this paper showed that aluminum interfered with a pathway, mediated by glutamate, that led to programmed cell death, a natural step in neural development that allowed the brain to prune away ineffective cells. The cultured neurons taken from the rats that had been exposed to aluminum multiplied in the presence of glutamate, whereas neurons from mice that had not been exposed to aluminum died off in the presence of glutamate. Figure 2 in the paper showed very clearly that glutamate destroyed the normal neurons but not the aluminum-exposed neurons.
Stephanie Seneff PhD, Cindy & Erica’s Obsession to Solve Today’s Health Care Crisis: Autism, Alzheimer’s Disease, Cardiovascular Disease, ALS and More, pg. 12, loc. 428
Well if aluminum is that bad, how does it get approved to be in vaccines? (good question huh, almost like I meant to ask it?)

“When testing the HPV vaccine, as discussed in Chapter 10, researchers used an aluminum-containing injection (instead of saline) for the placebo group for the initial HPV trials. They then used individuals who were given the first generation of the HPV vaccine as the control group and compared them to individuals getting the newer HPV vaccine. Is it any wonder that the “control groups” had nearly identical side effects to the vaccine groups being tested?” (Paul Thomas, Jennifer Margulis, The Vaccine-Friendly Plan)

Translation: set up the placebo with the ingredient that causes the side effects so that there is no statistically significant difference between the placebo group and the vaccine group.

The net result:

newborns in the U.S. and other developed countries receive up to 49 times more than the FDA safety limits for aluminum exposure, just through receipt of multiple doses of government mandated vaccines.
Stephanie Seneff PhD, Cindy & Erica’s Obsession to Solve Today’s Health Care Crisis: Autism, Alzheimer’s Disease, Cardiovascular Disease, ALS and More, loc. 189
Before we go casting all vaccines under the bus, perspective needs to be utilized. They have helped public health no question. The information here is meant to shed some light on the why and how issues can manifest with the current policy. That being said, a personalized risk reduction approach can be found. The book cited above by Paul Thomas has a modified plan to reduce huge aluminum exposures mainly by spreading the vaccines out. The upper limits of aluminum are per vaccine, but the guidelines have multiple vaccines per visit, which goes WAY past those limits.
This info can then be extrapolated into other informed choices as well.  Maybe re-visit the aluminum containing deodarants? We can also evaluate further how this plays into other health phenomena such as peanut and egg white allergies as that is a very hyper reactive immune reaction.
Leaving this here for now, don’t hesitate to reach out for more info.



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