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Pathway to Optimzation

The logo does a great job setting the scene.

A cornerstone of much of the success stories starts with the ketogenic diet and often times intermittent fasting (at least intermittent fasting from carbs).  But does this mean that we should be advocating 100% keto all the time?  Not at all.

The reason we choose to utilize keto in many cases is that it is opposite of the low-fat high carb diet that is the norm.  So many of the diseases we face in this country are rooted in carb overload.  There are issues with being 100% keto as well; gut, thyroid, eye dryness, etc.  The key is to develop metabolic flexibility, which can also be described visually using the logo above.  Some time in the green sometime in the blue.

This pattern repeats itself, and many strategies we can utilize will follow the logo.   Saunas and cold showers, stress and meditation, exercise and recovery, fasting and feeding, carbs and low carbs.

You cannot look to hit the middle line in the logo and stay there, that line is essentially a point in which we cross repeatedly and it becomes our midpoint between our spectrums which we should strive to cross regularly.

There will be more science to back this up on this site as time goes on, but this logo is the roadmap.


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