Improving performance is strongly correlated with available cellular energy.  Changes made that benefit energy balance in the body allow for more energy to be used on activities we tend to align with strong performance. Actions such as simply reducing exposure to a harmful chemical can allow one resources to be diverted from detoxification to cognition; meaning an increase in brain power.  The brain is a massive consumer of energy resources so even a slight diversion of energy resources to another activity can impact the brains pool to work optimally.

Much self-experimentation has lead to many observations of how even small changes can lead to incremental and cumulative improvements.  All of the items in the list below

  • Reducing exposure to processed/toxic food
  • Exercise
  • Ketosis
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Mitochondrial supplementation
  • Nootropics
  • Coffee
  • Sleep
  • Meditation
  • Vacation

Part of the Prescriptive Optimization approach is to work with clients to develop a personalized strategy focused on implementing a combination of these and other tools to arrive at the desired level of performance.