Female in mid-thirties, battling fibromyalgia for years and also smokes regularly.  Struggled to get any results from family docs with many attempts on various stimulants and antidepressants.  We implemented the bulletproof diet concepts as a foundation, then started working through some of the other symptoms she was experiencing.    While she had to undergo multiple attempts to get the necessary labs from her doctor we also utilized hyperbaric oxygen with strong results.  Once the labs finally got ordered and came back “normal”, we had other opportunities to explore.  Thyroid labs require careful analysis primarily by merging the numbers with listening to the patient; a strength of the Prescriptive Optimization approach.  Even with the numbers within normal ranges, there almost all of the classic hypothyroid symptoms were present.  The labs showed a high reverse (inactive) T3.  We added, thru a prescriber that works well with this approach, T3 tablets to help combat both the reverse T3 in her body and hypothyroid symptoms.  The results were well received and the hypothyroid symptoms were lessened greatly, and thyroid involvement is common in fibromyalgia so many of these symptoms decreased as well.  She got to the point where she felt well enough to attempt quitting smoking again, and this time because her body had a better energy level, success was realized.

Prescriptive Optimization is about working with clients while listening carefully and at that point supplementing with labs and other information.