Cancer is most correctly classified as a metabolic disease, not a genetic disease.  It is further characterized as a metabolic state in the body that lacks optimization.  As demonstrated by the Warburg principle, cancer cells exclusively by glucose; and their need for glucose is exceedingly high due to the metabolic changes inside the cell.  By optimizing the body’s inherent ability to change fuels sources from glucose to fat, cancer as a disease state can be challenged.   However, it is more than just about exogenous fuel sources, cancer requires whole body optimization.  Even if you change fuel sources, unless you address other environmental influences, whole body optimization cannot be achieved.  Stress management is absolutely critical as stress from any source can continue to produce glucose supply in spite of external fuel sources provided.

Cancer is the ultimate example of how the Bulletproof Human Potential Coaching techniques can work together to provide a powerful suite of tools to fight cancer.

My first cancer patient was just diagnosed with recurrent ovarian cancer.  She had ovarian cancer treated with chemo a few months earlier.  This time it had spread to a space between the kidney and liver.  The assessment was that since it came back so fast they figured it was other places too and surgery was not an option.  She was told plan on about 6 months to live and start on chemo again.  The metabolic approach to cancer was something I was just coincidentally studying at the time.  We quickly started a ketogenic diet and added some strategic supplementation.  By the second dose of chemo, the ovarian cancer marker CA-125 had plummeted down to within normal limits.  Further chemo treatments were opted out of, and the diet/supplements in addition to hyperbaric oxygen were continued.  The CA-125 stayed very low for months, however, started trending upwards again.  The change is most likely attributed to a very stressful situation that came about for this patient.  It is likely that this stress alone provided enough influence on the body to allow the cancer to get metabolically active again.  We re-focused on stress relieving activities; beach walking, fun, light exercise, sauna, prayer/meditation, etc.  It was also important to limit consulting Dr. Google about cancer.  With this focus ongoing, we also added mistletoe injections with have been used all over the world with great results.  Even though the CA-125 kept rising the rest of the important markers or glucose metabolism and inflammation in the body markedly improved.  At this point, another scan showed the cancer was small and stable so we proceeded to have a targeted radiation with hyperthermia to finish off the two nodules.

The takeaway from this is that a whole body optimization is required, not just in cancer but more broadly in total health.  Just changing diet and adding supplements would likely not have had these results.  It is this aspect that highlighted for me the need to study further in all the areas of the curriculum that the Bulletproof Human Potential Coaching including especially the mindfulness applications which are hugely important.  In actuality, the coaching curriculum is not clinical in nature, coaches are not clinicians after certification.  I believe this discipline will match very well with my clinical training as a pharmacist and my studies in functional medicine approaches.

You don’t need to have cancer to benefit from this approach.  However, these approaches can be applied on a customized basis to optimize one’s chances to prevent cancer from happening down the road.  No time like the present to start!