In the 4th-grade finishing work in class and homework at home in any semblance of a timely manner was arduous for all adults involved.  In the classroom, the teachers had to monitor closely, allow different time frames for completion of assignments to accommodate the lack of ability to complete projects.  This wasn’t a lack of knowledge, kindness, or ability as grades were strong.  What was missing was the ability to focus and efficiently see a task all the way thru.  At home, this manifested as hours of arguing with parents about completing a few simple problems which she knew how to do in her sleep, but couldn’t muster enough energy to complete the task.  Teachers and parents tried all kinds of motivational strategies with awards or punishments that were performance based, but the results were lacking.  Over the summer between 4th and 5th grade, there were doctors appointments with pediatricians and psychiatrists going in the direction of ADHD and stimulant prescriptions.  However, with Prescriptive Optimization strategies, an alternative path was forged.

We did a complete and total dedication to the Bulletproof diet as the sole plan a week before school.  It involved using a non-sugar-sweetened hot chocolate drink blended with butter and Brain Octane oil.  Combined that with zero school lunches and cleaning up the home meals to include organic wherever possible, grass-fed meats, and low to moderate quality carbs.  Almost immediately, a change was realized.  She was fortunate to have the same teacher in 4th and 5th grade and the first parent-teacher conference started with something like this from the teacher “ok, what changed, she is doing awesome!”.   This has been the norm since that time.  We have since learned a little more after a 23andme test about some genetic predispositions and added in a few small supplement doses.  Currently, at the time of this writing, at the tail end of 6th grade, she is getting straight A’s, competing in a new sport, getting her homework done and participating in other extracurricular studies while developing physically into a very strong girl.

Her friends also adopted the same dietary measures and saw some health improvements as well.  There was still a little something left to tackle.  While the previous example was on the attention part of the ADHD spectrum, we had a to look at more measures to help with the hyperactivity manifestation for this particular child.  Looking at 23andme results showing a fast COMT, meaning a higher rate of dopamine degradation, we started a small dose of a dopamine precursor and Mom reports a quick improvement.

The Prescriptive Optimization strategy involves listening to, and working with clients to find solutions to challenges they are having…including our kids!