Here are some questions we have fielded that may be of help.

  • What am I paying for with this service?
    • It is a dedicated coaching relationship.  The monthly fee covers one hour face to face (in person or web conference) and ongoing digital correspondence as needed throughout the month (kinda like you get!).  There is follow up reports and regular check-ins I initiate (ie once a week check-in based on things we want to monitor like weight loss or symptoms etc).
  • Why is the value of paying for a coaching relationship?
    • As you might in a gym, for example, coaching leverages information and experience to meet your goals.  I use one at the gym.  While I may be able to research the best exercises and a routine that will have the results, I have found it much more efficient to use the structure of group classes led by a trainer to achieve results.
    • I have been studying these techniques for many years and have in my Kindle 80 read books and hundreds of saved articles in my files that are relevant from the past year alone (these are just the ones that are useful I follow most of the leading researchers and industry leaders and sift thru the loads of information that comes out daily), and countless health science podcasts..  Combined with my formal training as a pharmacist and real results as seen in others in the success stories and testimonials, as well as my own experimenting over the last 5+ years you gain the efficiency of all this digested down to ready to use customized and actionable information.
  • Will you be able to work with any Doctor; local or out of state?
    • Certainly, a doctor is not required to utilize these services, however, correspondence with providers is included in the service.
      • for example, if we set a goal of reducing an antidepressant, I will help coordinate that with your doctor if requested.  Many medications like that are sensitive to discontinue and we want a team approach to care wherever possible.
  • How much is the program per month?
    • $100/month.  A 15% rebate on purchases (not involving insurance) will be credited to the next months coaching fee.  $100 of supplements purchased means the subsequent month’s coaching fee will end up being $85.
  • Can one cancel at any time?
    • We ask for a 3-month commitment so both sides efforts are aligned.  After that, it is month to month.
  • Is 24-7 communication available?
    • Ongoing digital correspondence is available throughout the month.  If an after-hours emergency, there is after hours pharmacists available through Island Drug
  • What do you focus on with the program?
    • Whatever the client wants; we typically start with diet and physical health optimization and can move to things such as mindfulness.  I don’t sit them down and say do x.  It begins with a conversation about what they want to see and what they assess as the challenges, then we develop a plan that addresses those.  I am anti protocol in this regard.  Everyone’s genetic makeup is different as is their goals and health status/challenges.  Bottom line, I work for them on their priorities.
  • What happens if what you recommend, someone can’t afford; including compounded hormones?
    • That is part of the service, analyzing value and working with patients to maximize their dollars to get to their desired goals.  I built a custom supplement regimen analyzer that will show how much each supplement costs per day month and year so we can look at it and say “am I getting $x value from this?”  Further, I like to layer things on in most cases.  For example, the people I started this week have been diet only (and Restore in one case).  After stabilizing then we can look at adding supplements.  The chief reason is that they need to be able to notice results before determining value.
  • Is this an eating right and healthiness, exercise program as well?
    • It can include that for sure.  Again, it is based on patient’s goals.  You mention exercise, many people leave off how to properly recover from exercise.  I have spent a lot of time experimenting and analyzing optimal recovery.  Excercise is great, but you have to allow the body to recover properly for maximal results.  That is partly what is indicated in our logo design; see here for more.
  • Will I be able to view my chart/case/records online?
  • Is there any discounts offered for in-house products or services with the monthly program?

Please contact me if I can answer any more questions!